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Forever New Conscious

Build a Kinder Wardrobe

22 APR 2022

Spring Dressing with Frederika Akander

Discover Forever New Conscious and take steps to create a kinder wardrobe with responsibly-made styles.

What is Forever New Conscious?

Forever New Conscious is our contribution to help build a better fashion industry. We understand that fashion should be accessible but not at the cost of damaging our planet. 

Our plan is held up by five pillars that will help guide us through this sustainability journey, keeping us accountable as we implement change at every level of our business. We want to build a better, brighter future for fashion and are excited with the change we've made as well as the next steps. 


Spring Dressing with Frederika Akander


As we transition into more responsible ways of doing things; from the materials, we use in the manufacture of our garments, the 'giving back' in our community and implementing recycling programs in our office, we invite you to join in. 

Using our Conscious filter, you can now search for products that are made with sustainably sourced or recycled fibres as well as animal-friendly prices approved by The Vegan Society. Currently, 72% of our garments are Conscious but we're on track to reach our goal of 80% by the end of 2022. 

Spring Dressing with Frederika Akander



Using responsible fibres that have a lower environmental effect is one of our main strategies to reduce our impact on the environment. We use a variety of fibres that are grown, sourced, or manufactured more responsibly in comparison to their traditional counterparts. The most common fibres found across the range include recycled polyester, sustainably sourced cellulose, and vegan leather.



Recycled Polyester is made from existing plastic materials, meaning the manufacture of this alternative helps to reduce plastic pollution of our oceans and reduces the amount of plastic sitting in landfill. The creation of this fibre also requires less energy in comparison to traditional polyester.


Recycled Cellulose is an umbrella term for fabrics made from plant-based materials and can include viscose, rayon, lyocell, and modal among others. Our Conscious cellulose fibres aren't from endangered or ancient forests, instead, they come from controlled and certified sources. This responsible practice is used to address the impacts of deforestation, not only on people but also animals and plant life. 


As a brand, we promote the increased use of alternative materials rather than traditional animal products. We use faux leather in all our packaging including clothing, footwear and bags. We have been on a journey to get to 100% of these products approved by The Vegan Society and will hit this target by the end of 2022. You can trust that any product grouped under our Animal-Friendly filter means that it is completely free of animal products, derivatives, and by-products. 

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