How to Style a Girls' Lunch

24 April, 2018

How to Style A Girls Lunch

As the days get cooler, entertaining season begins. Whether it’s a birthday, bridal shower or just because, gather your best girlfriends at home and treat them to a truly memorable occasion. 

We partnered with Ed Dixon Food Design to create the ultimate celebratory setting and menu, gathering styling and entertaining tips from their expert team along the way.

How to style a girls lunch

Forever New: What’s the most important starting point when planning a beautiful table?

Ed Dixon Food Design: “Number one item is beautiful flowers. Remember your audience – a lady’s lunch must have flowers! Gorgeous bouquets can be created easily and, if you shop seasonally, relatively inexpensively. Visit the market and buy in-season blooms in a variety of sizes and textures. We love a full arrangement with loose sprigs of foliage and peppercorn leaves – these grow everywhere; you can find them on your morning walk!

I insist on considering lighting as it really does set the mood and tone of a meal. For me, winter means warmth and depth in lighting – try natural light combined with candlelight and even an open fire for a beautiful ambience. Avoid downlights! They can be super bright and unflattering.”

How to style a girls lunch

Forever New: What about setting the table?

EDFD: “Such an important aspect of your girl’s lunch will be how you style the table. A beautiful timber table can be kept natural, or disguised with a high quality linen! Be brave and explore colours other than white – think soft neutral tones of greys, blues and blush pinks to add warmth and texture. We also love napkins in a slightly different shade, again this adds depth to your palette.

When it comes to cutlery and crockery take stock of what you have a few days prior to the event and ensure crockery, cutlery, and glassware is smudge-free. I’m a firm believer in online research when it comes to arranging the table – Pinterest is a wonderful resource! When decorating, the rule of odd numbers applies – avoid rigidity and consider a balance of height, flowers, candles, and food create interest.”

How to style a girls lunch

Forever New: Food trends come and go, what do you suggest serving your guests upon arrival?

EDFD: “The food ethos of fresh, beautifully delicious food and local produce has never changed. For an intimate lunch for 6 of your best girlfriends, we would suggest that you save yourself making an entrée and instead opting for grazing options presented on the table before main. Lighter options such as - bread, oil, white bean and truffle oil dip or beetroot relish always work. These types of dishes also break the ice a little with your group – people talk and pass plates, etc.

How to style a girls lunch
How to style a girls lunch

What to wear to a girl’s lunch:

Simple, modern, and perfectly feminine, the ease of a tailored blazer or faux fur coat is perfect for your next girl’s lunch. Pair with denim and opt for flats or heels depending on the occasion. If it’s a late lunch/dinner, a dress will deliver minimal effort and maximal appeal.

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    Elisa Fur Coat
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    Leona Blazer
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    Bella High-Rise Sculpting Jeans
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    Larissa Ruched Wrap Dress