In Conversation with Riley Hemson

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In Conversation

with Riley Hemson

12 APR 2021

riley hemson sitting down in dark green velvet evening dress

To celebrate the launch of our new Curve community on Instagram and Facebook, we spent the day with the beautiful and talented trio of Riley Hemson, Shanaya Peters and Kate Wasley. The girls show us how to get weekend ready in our newest Curve collection, full of plus-size autumn staples and sleek tailoring.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Riley after the shoot to chat. Here, we find out her best style advice, learn more about her work in the body inclusivity space and find out what her favourite Forever New Curve style is from the latest collection.

riley hemson plus size model in printed midi dress with boots and belt
three curve models standing together smiling in chic autumn outfits under a tree

Q: First off, can you talk to us about what it means to be a part of the Forever New Curve campaign?

 A: It brings me so much happiness to know more women will have access to clothing in their size, so to be a part of this is an amazing feeling. 


Q: Talking about the new campaign shoot and collection, can we ask you your favourite Curve style of the range and why you love it?

A: The Belinda Curve Ankle-Grazer Jeans were so stretchy and comfortable, which, I struggle to find in a leather-look pant, definitely a standout to me. The Lola Wrap Coat in black was also a gorgeous staple piece.

three plus size models standing together outside a country house in autumn outfits

Q: What made you want to start modelling and become an advocate for body diversity and inclusivity?

A: Not seeing bodies like mine represented in advertising had a negative impact on me growing up. I hope other women see me on websites and in stores and feel included and represented.


Q: What piece of advice would you give younger girls who might be struggling with their body image, growing up today?

A: Society's unrealistic beauty standards aren’t real. You are real. Your body is meant to stretch and grow and move and change. Don’t let your body hold you back from enjoying your life. You have one body and one life. Live it! 

riley hemson modelling a red overcoat and pants standing in profile
riley hemson and shanaya peters curve models with their arms around each others shoulders in sporty cosy autumn clothing


Q: You have achieved so much both personally and professionally over the past 5 years, what’s next for you? 

A: My passion at the moment lies in pushing for brands to increase their sizing. The dream is for all bodies, no matter their size to have access to cool clothes. It’s well overdue.


Q: Finally, what is your best wardrobe advice for our Curve customers? 

A: Wear whatever makes you feel good.



Antionette Curve Wrap Midi Dress
Belinda Curve High-Rise Ankle-Grazer Jeans
Kiana Curve Single-Breasted Coatigan
Yolanda Curve Belted Midi Dress
F r e d r i k a  A k a n d e r