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On location: In NYC with Megan Irwin

16 October, 2019

Megan Irwin NYC

The bustling streets of Los Angeles and the quiet beaches of Adelaide seem worlds apart, but Megan Irwin has called both home. After a breathtaking photoshoot in New York City, we sat down with Megan to talk fashion favourites, LA style and growing up in Australia.

Megan Irwin NYC

Megan wears the Ariana One-Shoulder Dress.

Having moved from Australia to LA, and working all across the world, you’re living the dreams of many. Was modelling always a dream of yours?

I wouldn’t say modelling was a “dream” of mine. Fashion and film was my passion, it was a hobby that turned into my career. I’m very grateful to be able to do what I love every day. 

What did you love most about growing up in Australia?

Fresh air and the beautiful landscape that Australia has to offer. I was brought up by the beach with my sister. It was such an easygoing, happy lifestyle that I still hold so close my heart and miss every day. 

What has been your most ‘pinch-me’ moment in your work life to date?

It will always and forever be meeting Mario Testino out at dinner and then, a few days later, shooting with him for Vogue. 

Which fashion icons influenced your style growing up?

I’ve had many different and interesting styles growing up. Like many of us, I had my punk rock stage, my festival boho phase and pop icon obsession. There was not a particular person I looked up to, I tried it all. 

Have you adjusted your style since moving from Aus to LA?

No, not really. I’ve always had my own style. I keep it cool, chic and elegant no matter the dress code. You’ll never see me wearing flip flops!

Given that you travel frequently, what are your top five suitcase staples that carry you across the world?

A great pair of jeans that go with everything, a black blazer, a crisp white shirt, a set of workout clothes, a bikini and a midi-length classic summer dress (one in thicker fabric when it's cool) that can be worn with or without stockings.

How do you juggle a social life with work?

Sometimes it’s really hard to manage your social life when you’re constantly travelling. I always try to find a nice balance these days between spending time with my loved ones and my work. FaceTime has also been a game-changer for communicating and connecting with my friends and family around the world. 

Fashion trends tend to shift quite noticeably through the decades. What past fashion trend would you love to bring back?

I’d love to see tuxedo vests to come back for everyday attire.

What is your most-worn item of clothing?

My redone denim jeans and my black tuxedo blazer.