The Language of Flowers

7 August, 2017

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The Language of Flowers, or Floriography, is the enchanting power that flowers have to communicate. Here, the team at Fitzroy’s iconic Flowers Vasette, share the bouquets that say Thank You, I Love You, and Happy Birthday.

How to say… Thank You:

"Saying thank you can be quite personal so the blooms you choose will really be specific to the situation. We’re going with bright and cheery natives – sunflowers, wattle, eucalyptus with gumnuts, and wobbly bush to keep this bouquet fresh and happy."

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How to say… I Love You:

"When you think love, many gravitate towards red, red roses specifically. However, we will tell a modern story with romantic textures and hues of pink – blush, rose, soft creams. Feminine blooms such as Tulips and Orchids are mixed in with some Magnolia and Eucalyptus to keep this bouquet fresh."

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How to say… Happy Birthday:

"We always think colour and texture first when it comes to birthdays so this makes our bouquets very seasonally specific. However, we love the unexpectedness of roses for a birthday celebration – a Grandiflora Rose, David Austen Rose, or Glasshouse Rose, are so beautifully romantic."

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A little bit of housekeeping to keep your blooms in the best shape. Remember to cut every stem on an angle before they go into water and re-do every few days. The height of winter is not good for flowers – try to keep your heater on low when you have fresh blooms in the house.


Flowers Vasette is located in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

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