Emily Luciano's Guide to Positano

3 October, 2018

The Look of Love

Positano is a picture-perfect destination beside the Italian seaside. I arrived at this incredible villa on top of the mountain, overlooking the ocean. The view for dinner was perfect during golden hour, as the sun set behind the mountain, casting a beautiful glow on my skin. The Hallie Puff Sleeve Dress was perfect for the summer evening, with the pastel shades and pretty blue florals matching perfectly with my surroundings.

  1. AllTerritories_OnBody_25402501_F
    Hallie Puff Sleeve Skater Dress
  1. Mia High Block Sandals
    Mia High Block Sandals
  1. AllTerritories_OnBody_25588802_D
    Selena Drawstring Tote
The Look of Love

Transitioning to this navy blue and white mid length dress is perfect for a summer wedding, for a reception dinner or  garden party. I love how romantic it feels when it is worn. I wore an open toe gold heel that went perfectly with the Italian scenery overlooking the ocean.

  1. AllTerritories_OnBody_25394301_C
    Kelsey Print Flippy Dress
  1. AllTerritories_Mannequin_25504301_F
    Lorena Grab Handle Clutch
  1. Nora Cat Eye Sunglasses
    Nora Cat Eye Sunglasses
  1. AllTerritories_OnBody_25304501_D
    Azalea Floral Vamp Wedge Sandals