How to dress up your Curves

27 August, 2020

Woman wearing Curve Jeans

A great wardrobe should make you feel confident, empowered and show off your style. We've answered some of the most commonly-asked questions about dressing when you have a curvy figure.

What clothes suit my body type?


When shopping for a new outfit, it's important to not only consider what suits your body shape, but also what will make you feel powerful and confident in your skin.

Unlike many brands with extended sizing options - who tend to just add width and length to their standard size garments - Forever New Curve's collection is designed around curve fit models, to ensure each style is cut to flatter the areas you need it most. 

Which clothes flatter a plus size figure?   


When it comes to the best clothes for plus size women, the key is breaking down age-old ideals of what should and shouldn't be worn because of the proportions of your body. Notions that curvy women should only wear black or lean into loose-fitting clothing, for instance, are simply outdated and can limit your chance to show off your personal style. We've made sure that Forever New Curve offers styles that are both feminine and timeless. Our signature collection includes a wide variety of plus size dresses, including floral and going out styles, stylish tank tops for outfit layering and curve workwear for office dressing. 

Perfect plus size clothing should make you feel happy and confident, so rule number one when dressing your figure is to simply reach for styles you love. We've made sure Forever New Curve offers styles that are both feminine and timeless, making sure your favourite fashion trends are accessible to everybody's bodies.

If you're after styles you know will flatter a curvy figure, however, there are a few key tips you can keep in mind. Most importantly? Tailored styles are ideal for curvy bodies, so don't shy away from a fitted silhouette. Filling your capsule wardrobe with comfy sculpting stretch denim and pencil skirts promise to show off your curves in a flattering, streamlined way and provide the perfect base for building your looks day to day.

How to find the perfect fit


Flattering, plus size clothing often comes down to fit. Brands and styles often vary when it comes to sizes, which can make finding your size a little more challenging. We suggest reaching for a measuring tape and recording your bust, waist and hips in your phone for easy access when you're shopping for a new style.

Alternatively, you can use our TrueFit sizing tool which takes the guesswork out of finding your size. Simply answer a few questions and we'll tell you your perfect Forever New size, no measuring tape required.

Best dresses for Curvy Figures


Every wardrobe should have a rotation of great dresses to see you through a number of seasonal outings and occasions. When seeking a flattering dress style for a plus size figure, the wrap dress is always a great choice.

Our Curve dresses are at the forefront of fashion. We have a collection of plus size summer dresses to get you through the warm weather season. For a sophisticated night out, don't miss out on our plus size formal dresses, featuring figure-hugging shapes that will flatter and smooth. 

While a timeless design, the wrap dress offers a perfect chance to play with trending details and seasonal prints for a contemporary look. It also promises to create shape, highlighting your waist and lightly hugging your hips without showcasing any areas you'd rather cover up. For a plus size casual dress option, play with relaxed denim and airy printed fabrics, perfect for days at work or outings on the weekend.

When your next special event invite arrives, having a plus size occasion dress you love on hand will ensure you can step out without a second thought. Look to beautiful chiffon dresses with sophisticated pressed pleats and lace detail.

What type of jeans suit my body shape?


Denim is an essential part of any wardrobe, so when shopping for your perfect pair, it' pays to look for quality stretch fabrics you can wear comfortably all day. Our plus size jeans are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. 

Our favourite curve jeans feature fitted silhouettes to sculpt your figure from waist to ankle. Our plus size jeans are also designed with a high-rise waistband and premium stretch technology to keep you feeling comfortable all day.